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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  March 17, 2016 2:07am-2:39am EDT

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>> right now at 11:00, the march to the big dance the three local teams get ready for tournament play millions of fans are filling out those brackets. but is there a best way to pick the winner? good question. nicole brewer takes a course on bracket ology. and as we head into st. patrick's day, another round of green on the radar. much like today. come this weekend we could be talking snowflakes. i'll have the full break down and we'll plan out that start to
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spring coming up. and developing right now, serious crash a car slams into a toll booth in delaware. chopper three over the scene on interstate 95 north of newark where three toll booths remain closed at this hour. we're told two people have been taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. also tonight a tribute to local woman killed in a plane crash overseas. good evening, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. next week, marks one year since germanwings night 9525 crashed into the french alps. all 150 people on board were killed and just this week investigators said the co-pilot responsible for the crash should have sought mental help but did not. tonight "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt has the story of a philadelphia woman killed in the crash and how her friends plan to honor her this weekend. >> you could just meet her and feel like you've known her for your entire life. >> reporter: julie kimmel man
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says her friend emily, loved life, live cut short when her plan crashed into the french alps last march. emily and her mother i didn't have von a philadelphia day native died. they were on their way from spain to germany. judy kimmel man saw the inseparable mother and daughter a few days before the crash. >> we were skipping down the streets of barcelona. how cool is it to be able to travel abroad with one of your closest friends and her mom i didn't have von treated me like a second daughter during that week. >> investigators say the co-pilot german citizen andreas will you bits lock the pilot out of the cockpit and intentionally crashed the plane. records later showed he had a history of severe depression and ignored a doctor's order to check into a psychiatric hospital. >> it's a shame, and it's kind of an attest how our nation looks at mental health and other nations do as well. ashley kuhn knew emily during their time at drexel they both bonded over music. >> i'll be places and i'll hear bands. i have to hear a modest mouse
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song in rite aid and i'll start crying and feel like she's right there with me. >> reporter: ashley emily's music friend and julie her travel buddy will hold a music festival in her honor on saturday at world cafe life. all proceeds will go to pay for a drexel music student to travel abroad. though close with emily, ashley and julie never met until emily died. now, through the tragedy her untimely death they've become life long friends. >> emily would love all of her friends are coming together from so many different aspects of her life. >> it just all fell into place. really beautiful thing. >> emily' friends hope to make the festival an annual one to help send many students overseas in the future we have more information on that festival on meanwhile ukee and jessica a new investigative report suggests that current patient confidentiality rules that may prevent doctors from talking about a pilot's mental health should be changed and soon. reporting live tonight david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> david, thank you.
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we have update tonight about the police shootout in maryland that killed an undercover officer with ties to our area. authorities say the shot that killed booth wip native jacai colson was deliberately fired at him by a fellow officer who did not recognize him and thought he was an armed threat. three brothers have been charged. police say the oldest brother planned the rampage and expected to die as his two brothers film the gun fight. the police officer has not been identified. tonight, a very special honor for a fallen philadelphia police station sergeant. "eyewitness news" at the fraternal order of police lodge in the northeast. philadelphia chapter of isis international presented its chairman award posthumous to sergeant robert wilson ii. his 11-year-old son was able to accept that award. wilson was killed in march of last year when he and his partner interrupted a robbery in progress. his partner received a heroism award. >> me rob and rob talked about
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getting awards a lot working together and for his son to receive it on behalf of his honor it's dover me. >> the special tribute award was given to the police department for its outstanding response and performance at the scene of may's amtrak train derailment. >> ale bill to legalize medical marijuana in pennsylvania is now one step closer to becoming law. the house passed the proposal by comfortable margin today. it would allow patients to take the drug in pill, oil or liquid form. but they would not be able to obtain marijuana they would smoke. the bill still needs final approval in the senate which passed similar approach last year. republicans in the senate tonight are vowing to block president obama's nominee to the supreme court. in the rose garr again the president announced his pick merrick garland the chief judge on the us court of am appeals in washington, d.c. and is regarded as a moderate. the 63-year-old was born in chicago and went to harvard law. >> this is the greatest honor of
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my life. other than my wife agreeing to me me 28 years ago. fidelity to the constitution and the law has been the cornerstone of my professional life. if the senate sees fit to confirm me to the position for which i've been nominated today, i promise to continue on that course. >> before becoming a judge garland spent of his life in public service while at the justice department he supervised the prosecution of the 1995 oklahoma city bombing. outstanding honor for a local teenaged girl tonight as a military child the 17-year-old from moorestown was inspired to help veterans. >> that's only part of the accomplishments she's being recognized for. "eyewitness news" reporter natasha brown has the teen's story and a special award she's receiving. i'm just an ordinary 17-year-old from a town in new jersey. >> reporter: sitting down with madeleine more lean know you instantly realize she's no ordinary 17-year-old. in fact, she's accomplish an
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extraordinary feat. >> i applied to the naval academy, coast guard academy, west point and air farce academy and i was honored to get to all four academies. >> reporter: with more than 4-pint zero great point average she decided to attend the air force academy. the senior's academic record is impressive enough but her community involvement, especia especially with veterans causes that sets her apart from the rest. >> being part of a mill tar family has shown me the sacrifice that is our military goes through. >> her father leonard who served 23 years in the air force became the inspiration behind a veteran's job expo she held. >> she adopted madeleine in china at 11 months old. she had big dreams for a daughter epitomizes the american dream. >> from that point on it's been a ride. it's burlington-bristol wonderful and where she's going to end up in the air force
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academy as an officer we just think that's wonderful. >> she is a shining example of how if you embrace hard work and grit and determination and you start early and you find a path you can do anything in this country. report roar madeleine and her family will travel to washington, d.c. in april where she'll receive the 2016 air force child of the year award given to an outstanding military child from each branch of the of the military. >> your dream is going to the military academy or something else, like, i hope to inspire other kids. >> reporter: in moorestown, new jersey, natasha brown cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> beautiful. march madness excitement is heating up in our region. three local men's team headed to the big dance left their campus for their games friday. st. joe's boarding the plane to spokane, washington. they'll play cincinnati. villanova while cats had a big send off. wildcats left for brooklyn this afternoon. they take on unc ashville. meanwhile the temple owls also
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left the owls are also heading to brooklyn. they are matched up with iowa. march madness means inn corping the science of bracket ology. >> there are dozens of teams even the most diehard college basketball fans can't be expert on all the schools. >> so the question becomes is there one thing you should be focusing on when you fill out the brackets to get the best results? it's a good question for nicole brewer. who happens to be here now with the an. nicole. >> only because i know where to find an expert bracketologist not because i have any business creating a bracket. i know nothing about it but in honor of the ncaa basketball tournament paul from phoeni phoenixville wanted to know is there a best way to fill out bracket? it's a good question, paul, especially as we get ready for the big dance. ♪ >> reporter: is there a best way to fill out a bracket? >> honest to god i just kind of guess. >> i go with a lot of ones and twos. >> vegas is if you know the li line. >> gut feeling. >> you got to do your research. whether you're a fan of
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college hoops or take a gamble odds are you have or soon will be filling out bracket. but is there a hemmed to your march madness? >> philly pride all the way. >> you have the crazy theories of jersey colors. >> the mascot or like the state they're from. >> probably not a great idea. >> reporter: best way to fill out your bracket? >> there can't be. or someone would have figure it out by now. >> joe should know he practically invented brac ology he sought the class at st. joe's. >> i'd like to say all the studying, all the research, and all the statistical manipulation would give you the best chance, but i do that for four months and one time i still lost to my dog. >> reporter: how do we increase our odds. >> number one, don't pick all the favorites. because in the history of the tournament, all four number one seeds made the final four exactly one time. it's a trick is to figure out if the one seeds aren't going to make it, who is? >> reporter: for that list you should look at who plays well away from home. then look for coaches with final
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four experience. >> you've been there before. you kind of know how to handle the big moment, the big dance. >> reporter: include at least one surprise in your final four and try filling out your bracket backwards. >> i would never thought any of that. >> reporter: what about the odds of creating a perfect bracket. >> probably the same odds of winning the powerball. >> you have a better chance of landing a plane on the sun than do you of picking a perfect bracket. >> reporter: this year it's one in 9.2 quinn till i don't know. >> i was close. i was half off. >> it's the most unpredictable major sporting event that we have. that's why people love it. >> reporter: so a couple of years back you may recall billionaire businessman warren buffet offered a billion dollars prize for a perfect bracket. it didn't happen. what do we know about warren buffet he isn't dumb with his money. you can gather that. but don't be too hard on yourself it seems that brackets were made to be busted. >> that's the truth. >> did he say quinn till i don't know. >> quinn till i don't know.
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i believe it's 18 zeros. like a billion a billion times or something crazy. >> okay. i look at hustle stats like steals, blocks, good defense. >> we'll see what happens. >> do you your research. >> nicole, good info, thanks. >> what's your good question? log on to question to summit that questi question. you can also tweet us using the hash tag cbs3 good question. >> nicole will be here every night with the answer on "eyewitness news" at 11:00. bring it. we can't wait to hear your good question. the rock mon house does amazing work every day to give sick children and their familiar always home away from home. >> vittoria woodill heads into the kitchen to show you how volunteers are helping to nourish the body and spirit. >> also a sign of change what drivers will soon be able to do on the pennsylvania turnpike. kate? and today felt like spring with temperatures in the 70s and it's mild tomorrow with another chance for thunderstorms but we can be talking about spring snowflakes. spring starts on sunday. it will feel a whole lot more like winter. i'll tell you when some snow
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could impact the
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>> fresh off his win in home state of ohio governor kasich brings his cal pain for president to our area. he fielded questions during a town hall on the villanova university campus today. he cast himself as practical choice for the gop nomination and continued with an optimistic tone saying he will not take the low road to the oval office. >> the strength of our country rests in us and it rests in our ability to believe that we, we, you and me, can change the world for the better. >> we also learned tonight marco rubio supporters have dropped a lawsuit aim at knocking governor kasich off the ballot in
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pennsylvania. rubio dropped out of the race last night. drivers in pennsylvania will soon be allowed to drive a little faster on parts of the turnpike. the pennsylvania turnpike commission has just approved a 70 miles per hour speed limit. the change takes effect later this spring and will include most of the turnpike that's all right at 65. second of the highway that are limited to 55 miles per hour will stay that way. they are called home away from home. we're talking about ronald mcdonald houses the mission is to ease the burden for children and their families during a child's illness. >> as our vittoria woodill reports that includes home cooked meals prepared by volunteers, providing nourishment not only for the body but also for the spirit. ♪ >> it's dinnertime at the ronald mcdonald house in delaware where the kitchen is powered by the goodwill of people. giving their time to make life easier for sick children and their families. >> volunteers are the heart and soul of what we do here at the ronald mcdonald house.
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>> pam is president and ceo of wilmington's ronald mcdonald house. >> every single night of the year we have a different group that come out and cook dinners. >> on this night it's volunteers from art san bank cindy o'connor heads up the group. >> we've been doing this about 17 years now. it's just part of artisan bank giving back to the community. >> here in the ronald mcdonald house kitchen food is love. ♪ >> love in the form of a tossed green salad, a tort till la 53 ye dish, sausage and peppers. >> that smells good. >> and more. volunteer michelle dotson came with her son austin. >> it just mean the world to me. i think that's what we should be doing, and he makes me proud by helping. >> volunteers contribute at ronald mcdonald houses across our area. cbs3 employees help serve up dinner on this night at the house in north philly. and on this day, mcdonald's corporate employees prepare
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lunch at ronald mcdonald house in camden g seeing these families and knowing what they have gone through and continue to go through every day, honestly i think it makes you be grateful to live every single day and be healthy. >> reporter: grateful father of a sick child once volunteers to know -- >> ronald mcdonald house of southern new jersey has been app god send for us. >> these families have been in the hospital for all day, you know, different appointments, waiting on surgeries, making really tough decisions, when they come back, it's so nice for them to have a home cooked meal. not have to worry about anything. that's what ronald mcdonald house does. >> a meal goes a long way. there are 35057 ronald mcdonald houses around the world. and it's interesting to note that the very first one opened right here in philadelphia in 1974. since then hundreds of thousands of volunteers have been a part of making ronald mcdonald house a home away from home for so many families. if you would like to fine out
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more about this wonderful charity and how you can help, tune in next tuesday march 22nd for our ronald mcdonald house charities telethon starting bright and early at 6:00 a.m. >> that is such a great day. >> yes. >> on the day of the telethon and you have all the kids in here and all their families. >> yes. >> it's powerful. it's moving and it's so needed for our community to come together for these families. >> i was at the delaware house not too long ago and all of us were at the philadelphia house very recently. >> tuesday, that's the day. give us a call. >> thanks tori. appreciate it. >> kate bilo has our far cast. 71 degrees today. >> we had hail today. >> yup. >> this has been a crazy day. >> mixed bag. >> it's been crazy march so far. 80s and started this week with the fours, 50s, yesterday. 70 today's. sun and hail now we're talking snow maybe. >> that's right. little bit of snow. just a few snowflakes possible in the forecast maybe a little more than few this will be late sunday into sunday night still it's early we'll talk more about that system in a moment.
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first we'll have talk more about another chance for thunderstorms coming into the area tomorrow afternoon. outside right now things are pretty quiet. we had some pretty nasty storms roll through portions of the area very very quickly this afternoon. they then moved on out and in the wake of that skies cleared and we're just part toll mostly cloudy through the overnight hours. you can see on storm scan3 most of the showers and thunderstorms have moved out to sea. we've got another batch over portions of new york state moving into new england at the moment but those are staying away from us and it looks like the rest of the night is pretty quiet for us here in philadelphia. but we've got another round of these tomorrow. got storm system just kind of sitting and spinning over the great lakes and it will be send a few boundaries through the area over the next couple of days. one of course today. another line of showers you see whoever over the midwest could come through tomorrow and colder air finally starts to push in later in the week, another shower chance on friday and temperatures gradually trending downward. right now not too bad outside. 52 degrees at the airport. it's 52 in reading as well. 48 in dover. and 51 in allentown you can see where the cold air is, though,
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it's right up here still just starting to make headway down into portions of upper midwest temperatures in the 30s there. not too bad in minneapolis at 43. alpina 42. colder air will be pushing in from the north and west and we'll be feeling that change just in time for the start of spring. backtracking a little bit here. heading into the day tomorrow we start the day with sunshine you can see here at 1:00 p.m. really not looking too bad. showers and thunderstorms do start to pop up through the afternoon and evening hours. they're scattered. but as we saw today, temperatures get into the mid to upper 60s, it may be warm enough that these storms could be briefly strong. then on friday we see colder air us in. another chance for just a few scattered sprinkles here and there friday afternoon or evening. then we have to fast forward into sunday. cold air pushing in this weeke weekend. saturday is dry but the cold air in place and when you get fresh cold air an system off the coast you have the threat for rain and, yes, even some snow. this was a month ago we'd be talking about major snowstorm as it stands the ground is very warm, the boundary layer
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temperatures will be above freezing as well an lot depends on the track of the storm but i do think it will start as cold rain sunday night then possibly mix with or even transition to wet snow late sunday night into monday morning and then it moves on out. you be see the cold air starts to settle in especially as we head into monday as that storm moves away looks like the best chance for this to be significant snow maker would be for portions of the new england. overnight patchy clouds, isolated shower. tomorrow is another warm day. mild and breezy, 66 with a chance for an afternoon shower or thunderstorm. friday is cooler and breezy, still a sprinkle and then we enter into a period of below average cold saturday through tuesday. temperatures only in the 40s. again late sunday into sunday night that rain could mix with a little bit of snow just in time to say hello to spring. isn't right. >> what better way? >> below average cold. i don't like the sound of that. >> all right. don what's coming up next in sports. >> we are talking about the birds, eagles have a nude new wide out. hear why he decided to sign with the bird plus it's a big deal these days temple football pro
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day in north philly and a game just going final moments ago. we're talking about temple and the flyers.
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welcome back. we're fighting for our lives that's what flyers forward within simmonds says about the team's hun for the playoffs aft clutch win against new york last night. the flyers back at it this time in chicago. flyers come into the night one point out of the final wild card spot. we pick it up in the second period. flyers down two-one going the other way claude giroux, giroux nice spin move finds braydon schenn who lights the lamp that ties it up at two. fly guys playing great on the road. tepp monies last. putting it on net. nasty deflection and it drops in. watch the replay. so nice we get to show you twice. game winning goal. the flyers within three-two in chicago. guess what? the orange and black now occupy the final playoff spot in the east.
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they are on a great run right now. all right. college hoops we go. saint jed leaving for march ma madness. round one against cincinnati in spokane. we were on the plane to washington a long journey to the west coast almost 3,000 miles and not an easy place to get to >> phil martelli grandson head coach phil martelli along for the ride and right there as he's riding on the plane got a little book coloring all that stuff down. let's hope little phil brings his grandfather some good luck on friday against season net. >> 1220 chris givens broke a rookie record five straight games with at least one, 50-yard catch his quarterback in st. louis that year was sam bradfo bradford. the two have now been reunit red givens signs a one year deal with the eagles. >> i play a lot into it.
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i feel both of our talents match up pretty well. that was one of the deciding facts for me. we had real good chemistry. we worked together after day after practice. it was one of those thing the coaches and everybody else saw that we had -- we had a connection so everybody did everything they needed to do to work on it to make it better. and will work together again. how about temple football now. they had a record breaking football season and it showed today 39 pro scouts made the trip to campus for owls pro day. item chill has a happened full of pro pros specs the biggest attraction tyler met kavits. >> it's unbelievable. we've seen how these pros days have been in the past. we just said we owe it to ourselves. let's make it best one yet. it's awesome. awesome for temple football and temple university and getting the credit we deserve, you know. >> that's great for temple football. also on the pro side none of our pro teams can sniff the playof playoffs. right now as it stands the flyers are in. >> a little way to go.
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>> but -- >> little way to go. right now good news. >> thanks, don. >> people in sent city stopped in their tracks ton
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it was an exciting night in philadelphia for game of thrones fans. >> there's a dragon taking flight around 13th and market tonight. it is part of a 3d animation projection known as the dance of the dragons. earlier today in dilworth park fans saw the crash cidar where the dragon landed. the event was held to get fans excited for the release of the show's fifth season on dvd. dragon heads to san francisco tomorrow. we'll be right back.
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>> up next the late toughie stephen colbert. have a good night familiar and sleep well. the "insider" counting down the biggest stories tracking today. >> number one, anna duggar in tears after seeing her husband in sex rehab. >> just got back from seeing josh.


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